Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Studies of SCH Group 0161 Prospectus

SCH Group offers a wide range of quarry-based products ranging from quarry industrial products, quarry machinery, quarry equipment and reconditioned quarry machinery and its related spare parts as well as quarry grill that are widely used by quarry operators and quarry plants in the quarry industry.
We are principally involved in the business of distribution and supplying of quarry industrial products, quarry machinery, quarry equipment and reconditioned quarry machinery as well as supply of spare parts for quarry machinery, quarry equipment and reconditioned quarry machinery to the quarry industry in Malaysia and South East Asia. Our Group is also involved in the manufacturing and distribution of quarry grill.

*The supply of quarry industrial products is our Group's largest business segment and our Group's largest revenue contributor.
* The normal quarry grill has a product lifespan of between one (1) to three (3) months, while our newly developed diamond shaped quarry grill is expected to have longer product lifespan of between three (3) to six (6) months, depending on the hours of usage.
* High-carbon steel wire rods are the main material used to produce quarry grill which are sourced locally.
* SCH Group is led by Lau Mong Ling, Yeen Yoon Hin and Wong Sin Chin, who has over 25 years of accumulated knowledge and experiences in the quarry industry.
* SCH Group has begun marketing its quarry-based products to companies in the iron ore mining industry in Malaysia.
* The similarities between iron ore mining and stone quarrying enable the same suppliers of machinery and equipment to provide supporting products and services to both the mining and quarrying sector.
*Current ratio= 2.94:1                       *Acid-test ratio= 1.465:1
*NTA=$57,787,000/412,234,000= $0.14
*EPS=1.86            *PER=12.37
*ROE= $7,662,000/$57,787,000= 13.26%


·         SCH Group leaded by a strong team with experiences & aggressive.(as UMS Holding Bhd Ex-Workers & Targeting South-East Asia business opportunities)
·         Good Fundamental in term of high current ratio level, good ROE, positive growth-rate.
·         Dealing unique products as quarry-products have no substitutes.
·         Good market position as quarry specialist supplier in Malaysia.
·         IPO price is consider not cheap but reasonable.
*Please do not ignore the risks may put SCH group into the hardship.
**This just a sharing & not a buy/sell call.


  1. I had bought in at 0.290, and latest quarter result is weaker than last year, think to sell it.. how would you rate its performance for second half of 2015?

    1. Hi,Rynn.
      In my own view, SCH record a weaker quarter result as compared to last year is consider reasonable due to implementation of GST. Until 3rd quarter 2015, SCH group 9-month performance is consider better than whole year of 2014 (In term of EPS & Net Profits).
      Well, as recently Joint venture with Cambodia company to penetrade into Cambodia, I can says that the aggressive management team did very well as what they promised in IPO prospectus.
      In conclusion, all is depends on yr holding power & your strategies(short vs long term). I believe SCH can continue to perform well due to positive prospects on construction sectors with on-going projects in our country.
      **Hopefully SCH can declare another 1 sen div b4 end of August(1sen Div hv benn declared on last year end of July). If things goes with hope, at current price of 0.26 with 2sen div....DY will b as high as 7.65%. Yummy~